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Terms and conditions

Terms of use



By being on this site you will agree with the terms.



The information that is on this site can be changed without any notification allowing us to change the prices and product information when we decide to do this We are not on trial to fix mistakes about the information we give.






It can be during several days between payment en the delivery of the product. .



If there is a package that is lost or has taken damage because of the shipping, we are not responsible for this, but we are willing to help you and you can contact us.



We will solve the problem together because we get that you aren’t responsible for this as well and go into conversation with the shipping company.






With the fact that we are selling Rare plants is that our stock is small.



If a product is available but in fact, this product isn’t we will give you the opportunity to get an alternative or give your money back.



would you like to have a plant that is not on our site? Give us a sign andcontact us



You are only entitled to warranty and a replacement product/refund money if your order meets the following conditions: 1. The shipment has not been delivered to the expected standard by us due to a mistake we have made. 2. After unpacking the plant, you left the plant in the pot in which it was sent* 3. You have contacted us and completed the warranty/return form and it has been approved by us.

(*If the plant has not been sent with the pot “for example with a plant cutting” it will have to be placed in its own pot, the responsibility for using the correct soil lies entirely with the buyer, we can only give tips)






If the product does not validate to the requirement that can be at least expected at your product you can return in 14 days and get your money back, please contact us if this is the case. This can be done by sending the plant back to



Leliestraat 29, 2431 XS Noorden.



We will pay for the made shipping cost if you have contacted us and we were going into any kind of agreement for shipping the plant back to us






Making cost for contacting us (membership for your phone call) are not being paid by us.



The time you will get a reaction differs per person and we are doing our best to respond as quickly as we can.



You can contact us by filling in the Contactform or mail to



If you rather want to call us you can call us at 06-28153330



Edible plants



Our plants are not food or edible.



If there is a case where a person or animal eats one of our products and there are coming cost for example for the hospital, we are not responsible.



We are doing our best to ship as good and clean.



Pay method



The payments for all products are being handled by Mollie.



This, because we are taking security very seriously. Through rigorous security controls, secure data storage, staff screening and compliance with every regulation, we can guarantee the security, stability and reliability of our payment platform.



more info? security page van Mollie