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Exclusive plants by S & C
Leliestraat 29
2431 XS Noorden

+31 6 28 15 33 30
+31 6 37 28 04 85

KVK : 78583438


Find here the most asked Question about us. Can your question not be found here? Contact us

My sending has not delivered to my wishes?

If your sending has taken damage or is not to your wishes you can contact us with the problem, a photo when you get the package, a photo of the plant when you unpacked it and we will come with a solution.

(Contact us quick so we can handle it with the shipment company)

How do we care your plants have a safe trip to your home?

We pack our plants with high care and strong boxes.

The plants are being packed with sustainable plastic around the plant and it is a shield around the plant protecting it from damage.

This plant with shield we are putting in FSC certified carton boxes and tape it to the box for extra strength.

We tape the box close and ship it with an extern shipping company.

(All rare plants are being sent with heat packs when there is a need for them and in the winter with extra frost packing)

Want to know more about the shipping method and packing? See the page (packing).

Can I pay Safely?

Yes, you can pay safely with all kinds of cards, want to know more? see the security page from mollie.

Can I pay with creditcard?

Yes, you can pay safely with credit card.

Can I pay after the delivery of my plants?

Yes, you can pay after you get your plants with klarna, want to know more about klarna? check the siteklarna

What to do with a complaint?

Do you have a complaint? you cancontact us via Whatsapp, call us, mail, or send a message.

We will help you with love and try to react as soon we can.

My question is not in here?

I have a question that is not in the FAQ.

Contact us via the form, Whatsapp, social media. mail or call to 06-28153330

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