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Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor #2

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor #2
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The Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

What makes the Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor exclusive?

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor is a rare,
gorgeous, and long-lasting exclusive
plant. Its leaves are clove-shaped and
have three different shades of
green—light green, green, and dark
green. The plant occasionally gives off a strong scent from its inflorescence
(flower stalk), but the flowers it yields are not nearly as magnificent as its striking camouflage foliage.
Amaze your friends and family with this beautiful plant.


Aglaonema care tips.

  • Light:This plant most have a place in the shadow. 
  • Water:Let the Aglaonema dry out completely. Make sure the pot has sufficient drainage, wet feet can cause root rot. 
  • Soil: This plant comes with its own made aroid-mix. This plants like a well drained potting soil.



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