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Anthurium 'Velvet Moira' #1

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The Velvet Moira

What makes the Anthurium Velvet Moira exclusive?

This is one of the most exclusive plants right now! The Anthurium "Velvet Moira" or described as "Anthurium papillilaminum x subsignatum" which is a synonym for this plant. In contrast to other Anthuriums like other anthuriums the leaves of the velvet Moira are less heart-shaped and more shaped like a triangle-heart. Outside the shape of the leaves, this plant has a luxurious appearance because of its velvet leaves, this is what makes this = plant very rare and special. We only got one piece of this plant. So add this one in your collection!


Anthurium Velvet Moira care tips.

  • Light: The Anthurium "Velvet Moira" prefers bright indirect light and does not tolerate direct sunlight, so make sure the plant hangs slightly away from the window.
  • Water: Keep the potting mix moist during the growing season, let it dry in the winter. Make sure the pot has sufficient drainage, wet feet can cause root rot.
  • Soil: This plant comes with its own made soil by exclusive plants and it is of high quality and made porous. We made it porous. As long as the soil is well-draining this plant likes it. you can also use Spaghnum moss



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