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Rhaphidophora Pertusa #1

Rhaphidophora Pertusa #1
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The Rhaphidophora Pertusa

What makes the Rhaphidophora Pertusa exclusive?

A beautiful species of the Family "Raphidhora". This plant resembles the Monstera and is also a climbing plant. It is a strong plant with large leaves and thick stems. This plant is native to Malaysia and southern Thailand. This plant is characterized by its Monstera looking leaves.  Truly one of the most beautiful climbers that you can now have in your living room.


Rhaphidophora Pertusa care tips.

  • Light: The Rhaphidophora foraminifera prefers bright indirect light.
  • Water: As the top of the soil is dry you can re-hydrate this plant. Make sure the pot has sufficient drainage, wet feet can cause root rot. You can let this plant dry out before watering again..
  • Soil: This plant comes with its own made soil by exclusive plants and it is of high quality and made porous. We made it porous. As long as the soil is well-draining this plant likes it.



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