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Good evening,

Thanks for the quick response, That would be fantastic.

(response to a complaint handling)


Dear Quinn,

What a service, I am very happy with it.


Super good friendly service, the plant looked exactly like the picture and was well packed.


SUPER well packaged (my compliments!) And great consultation about shipping in the coldest week of winter. Plant as described on the website, and despite being a "baby", with good roots, so a real plant and not a freshly rooted cutting. I would order here again in a minute.


Thank you for your email with the question about my delivery. plants have been delivered to me very well, they look very healthy and the packaging was very good !!

And if I am happy with it, it is really beautiful! thank you also for that nice little plant that you have sent.


Two super beautiful new large plants in my cozy house! thanks for the super service Exclusive plants.


I am really enjoying the unpacking, I am happy going into the weekend and am going to take beautiful pictures.


“We care for our customers as well as our plants”

Started with 2 childhood friends with a ..

love for the care of beautiful plants

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