Sustainable shipping

Shipping material

We as exclusive plants are doing everything to get the sustainability of our products as high as possible. For this we want to use good packaging material made from recycled plastic. Below you can see how our products are packaged.


We have opted for the plastic packaging. We use recycled plastic, so this is sustainable and good for nature. Besides being recyclable, the plastic is lightweight and therefore produced with little energy. However, the plastic has been pressed in the strongest possible form that it can protect the plants against the often rough handling of parcels from postal companies.

In addition, the plastic keeps the moisture in the packaging so that the plants remain moist during delivery and they do not dry out. The ventilation channels in the foliage area prevent the plant from running out of oxygen. All this to deliver the plant to your home in good condition.

Shipping boxes

These plastic packaging comes in a good sturdy box. The cardboard boxes have the FSC MIX label, which means that our boxes are made of material from FSC-certified forests, FSC Controlled Wood and / or recycled material. Besides the fact that these boxes are good for protecting nature and the environment, the boxes also protect the plants that we ship.

By means of the images on it (of plants) and the arrows that point upwards, we hope to ensure that deliverers handle it more carefully. The holes in the box are not only easy for lifting, but also for the air supply.

This is how we ship!

Explained on the basis of customer photos

Step 1:

We water the plant enough for the journey.

Step 2:

We cover the pot so that the earth has nowhere to go and the pot stays warm.

Step 3:

We also pack the plant with bubble wrap that we often reuse or can be reused. this keeps the plant warm and protects it.

Step 4:

The plant is then placed in protective packaging that protects the plant against transport operations, which is made of 100% recycled plastic.

Step 5:

If necessary, the plant is packed in an extra frost pack if we think this is necessary, a heat pack is also put in the box if the shipment goes abroad or if it is cold.

Step 6:

We send your plant and the plant is well protected even against bad conditions.


Do you have a tip, or would you like to comment on the shipping method? Drop it below or contact us.

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love for the care of beautiful plants

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