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About us

Short about Exclusive plants

A plant hobby, passionate about nature and the beauty of it.  Started collecting rare plants and want to share and sale this beautifull plants to other plant lovers.

This is how a hobby that got out of hand became a business! EXCLUSIVE PLANTS

The plants most to be of very good quality and they all need a specific number. Why we do that?

Because then you will get the exact plant that you order. Then you will never dissapointed. : )

What you see on the picture is what you get. Everyone wants that right?


Mission and vision

My mission is to green the world with special plants. Why? Because green is happy! One place for all exclusive and rare plants. No hours of searching on the web, but everything in one place, our (web)shop. We are doing our best to make and keep everyone 100% happy and fulfill plant wishes.

My vision is to make it possible to order all exclusive plants from one place and make it easy for everyone. 

We keep sustainability, innovation, and improvement in our minds and try to be at the highest level of these thing in our business.
Want to know more about Sustainability? Go to our Sending page.


Who is exclusive plants and how is it started?

Exclusive plants are started by 2 young friends with a passion for green and business in 2020.

Now only me (Nick) is the owner.

Nick Stark


I am 21 years old and scince young i am passionate about all that is nature. After finishing High school i finished my college Green and garden succesfully.

Because of going to this school i learned a lot about plants and how to take care of them. I knows the most Latin names, watering, feeding, and place of standing out of my head and some cool facts as well!  Besides this Hobby/webshop i am working as a Arcitect/garden designer by an sustainable thinking company. This is very importend for me. I am always thinking how we can make this world a better place for all of those. : ) 

1 thing is the beautifull collecting plant hobby! Lets collecting plants together!


Do you have questions for me?

Feel free to send me a message.