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Crystallinum 'Silver blush'

You have probably already seen it, but The Silver blush is unique because of its beautiful silver color.
You can't look around the silver. What a gem to see.
Amazing, right?

Crystallinum 'Silver'

This beautiful Anthurium Crystallinum 'Silver' is a beautiful Anthurium with silver veins. This glitters even more beautiful than the normal crystallinum. That is why this variety is a wonderful addition to the rest of your collection.

Crystallinum ‘hope’

This beautiful Hybrid of the Crystallinum is characterized by its round-shaped, wider leaves. This Anthurium is beautiful to look at because of its intriguing leaf veins that contrast beautifully with the dark green leaves.
A true diamond for your planter / greenhouse 🙂

Crystallinum ‘Ace of Spades’

This fantastic Anthurium is really for the plant collectors and real plant lovers among us! Because what an insanely beautiful plant this is! The leaves shimmer nicely and are dark in color, this Ace of Spades has small hairs on the leaf, which makes the leaves feel soft.

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